New Expressions

New Expressions - Porterville

Conveniently situated near Hwy 65 and Hwy 190, New Expressions is close to abundant shopping as well as easy access to local schools, college, and medical facilities. Located adjacent to the tranquil Tule River, enjoy the river parkway and trail system that surrounds the entire neighborhood with a picturesque view of the foothills and Sierra Nevada Mountain range. A neighborhood park with playground equipment and other recreation facilities are within this community. A trip to the beach is just a couple hours away for an easy day trip or weekend away. You can leave your doorstep and be in the majestic Sequoia National Forrest in an hour or skiing at the local lake in 10 minutes.

Choose from 75 beautiful house plans, including both single and two-story homes up to 1,752 square feet, with 3-4 bedrooms. Two-story homes are available upon request. With numerous exterior architectural elevation and color choices available for each plan, these homes can be further customized with a long list of personal choices (options) to make your home uniquely yours. Prices start at 290s.