commercial construction

Let our experienced team of professionals help your business by building the ideal environment to meet your business needs. We can work off of your own plans and ideas or design-build for you the special place you want for conducting your business or your investment. Whatever the need (professional office, retail, medical, or a metal building, multi-family) our clients are interested in, we have the experience to design and build what the customer expects. We work with your budget in mind during the design process to make sure the final product achieves your goals . We pride ourselves by being able to meet a customer’s business need, overcoming challenges, and working within a budget. With commercial design we enjoy helping your investment grow & prosper.


We partner with local investors and business professionals who appreciate tangible investments they can watch grow and can be measured not only by its attractive return on investment, but also its contribution to the local community and economy. Unlike the stock market, investors can watch their dollars at work building the American dream for local families and local businesses. The amount of each investment ranges based on the size, scope, and timing of the various projects. Brian enjoys partnering with investors who are business minded and are results oriented. Ennis Builders Inc. makes money only when its investors make money; resulting in an alignment of goals and a win-win relationship.


Ennis Builders Inc. has deep roots in the development business. Brian Ennis started in land development in 1991, 29 years ago. He acquired and developed over 2,300 acres of land, entitled and developed 70,000 square feet of commercial property, entitled and developed 5,500 residential lots throughout the Central Valley & Central Coast. Ennis Builders has long term relationships with the best engineers in the central valley and the best land planners in the nation. We’ve developed in just about every city between Bakersfield to Clovis as well as the Central Coast. We have developed small projects all the way up to 400 acre master planned communities with various housing types, multi-family, retail, and mixed uses. We maintain great relationships with the cities and their planning staff. Every great project starts with the development of the dirt, something we know very well.