About Us


The Builder: Ennis Builders Inc was founded in 2011 by Sandra & Brian Ennis . This husband & wife team are both business and life partners. Brian & Sandra have continued a long term tradition of unequaled quality and innovative designs. Real Estate Broker: they expanded with a real estate brokerage – Ennis Realtors Inc. Brian is the R.E. Broker and together they have successfully assembled a talented team of real estate & construction professionals to establish Ennis Builders & Realtors as one of the premier diversified real estate companies in the central valley. Our goal is to provide un-paralleled service that consistently exceed the expectations of our clients. We believe that architectural design and detail and the finishes in a home are as important as the structural components. We approach every project with the same enthusiasm and attention to detail regardless of size & cost. Whether it is a multi-million dollar design/build custom home, an affordable new neighborhood home, a multi-family units, commercial building, or just a simple repair… we apply our same stringent quality standards & expectations to everything we do. We feel that our work should be straight, level, plumb, and built to last – regardless of the budget. Construction of each of our projects flows in a highly efficient, controlled and logical fashion which allows us to deliver quality work with unprecedented value. Our technology is industry leading, allowing us to communicate with both our clients and trade partners with all information and schedules available virtually and on demand. That same technology allows us to track and stay in close communication with our clients about the sale, escrow, and closing of the properties we work with. Brian has 30 years experience designing, selling, and building across the central valley from Bakersfield to Clovis and Porterville to Paso Robles and all points in between. In addition to taking an active role leading the design of every architectural plan we create, Brian has entitled over 10,000 home sites, developed over 5,000 lots, built and sold over 4,000 homes, and developed hundreds of thousands of square feet of commercial property over his career. Sandra started working in a family business, a successful restaurant where she became the manager and also where her and Brian first met. After college she transitioned her career to become an educator. Her most rewarding career move was becoming a full-time mom. After their youngest became school aged, Sandra re-entered the business world and joined the family business full time where her roles grew. Today she is CEO of the company and leads the interior design & décor of our projects, working with our clients. Farming, investments, property management… in addition to construction and real estate sales, Brian and Sandra are pistachio farmers and own both residential and commercial investment properties/rentals which they manage internally. Brian graduated from Chico State University and majored in business management. Sandra graduated from California State University Bakersfield majoring in education and business. Family: They reside in Porterville, where they raised their 3 beautiful children. Over the years family expanded through their older children, and they were blessed and now enjoy 4 grandchildren.


To be the most desired privately owned construction/real estate company throughout California.


To achieve people’s dreams through a highly trained team of professionals who are focused on exceeding their client’s expectations.


We are a passionately motivated team of high performance Construction Management/Real Estate professionals who strive to provide the highest value to our clients in a fun environment which provides opportunities for our family’s future and our life dreams.


  • Positive Attitude - Choosing to demonstrate confidence, optimism, and focusing on the positive, producing beneficial results through team work.

  • Excellence - The quality of being excellent, possessing productive qualities, and the state of being superior.

  • Professionalism - The skill, competence, and character expected of a member of a highly trained professional team.

  • Success- The achievement of team and individual goals through proactive planning and execution, resulting in client satisfaction and profitability.

  • Integrity - Possession and adherence of high moral principles and professional standards through qualities of truthfulness, honesty, and commitment.


Lord - please be with us and guide us as we work with our clients and serve their needs through our calling in construction and real estate.  Help us to enhance the lives of our clients and our community in which we live.  We pray you protect and bring peace to our families, our team members, our clients, and their families.  We pray for blessings and prosperity for our company, our team members, and our clients.  May our wealth multiply and be used to please you lord.  May all who enter our doors experiences encouragement and fulfillment as we partner together to turn a house into a home.  In the name of the father and the son and the holy spirit.