Special Projects

Fire restoration

Let our experienced team help you recover from a fire disaster.  We've been helping restore people's lives from the tragedy of a fire loss for years.  In many cases we've had to re-create the plans for permitting purposes in order to re-build.  We do this seamlessly with our in-house design team that draws plans.  We interface with your insurance to help with your claim and take on the hassle of re-building.  If there is a silver lining in this process, it is many clients have opted to update or enhance the original design to create a "better than before" space.  It is very fulfilling to restore normal into a client's life and put a smile on their face.

Joint Ventures - Investors

We partner with local investors and business professionals who appreciate tangible investments they can watch grow and can be measured not only by its attractive return on investment, but also its contribution to the local community and economy. Unlike the stock market, investors can watch their dollars at work building the American dream for local families and local businesses. The amount of each investment ranges based on the size, scope, and timing of the various projects. Brian enjoys partnering with investors who are business minded and are results oriented. Ennis Builders Inc. makes money only when its investors make money; resulting in an alignment of goals and a win-win relationship.


It's not often, but some jobs call for the installation of a bridge.  We have the experience required to work with civil engineers, cities, and bridge manufactures to get the bridge planned, built, installed, and approved.